HUM Is Transitioning to 100% Ocean-Bound Plastics | HUM Nutrition Blog

Our co-founder and CEO highlights HUM’s commitment to sustainability and transition to 100% ocean-bound plastic. Learn all about our latest initiative, Wellness for You and the Planet, and how we’ll prevent 50 million+ plastic bottles from entering the ocean by 2025. At HUM, our mission is to help you look and feel your best. We … Read more

5 Sustainable Skincare Tips That Are Super Easy to Follow | HUM Nutrition Blog

Learn five simple sustainable skincare tips to benefit your complexion *and* the environment. Fact: There are many facets of “clean” and “green” beauty, with no official authority overseeing the use of such terms. On one hand, they may be interchangeable with natural, organic, and vegan. On the other, they may simply indicate that a product … Read more